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New My XILO Features.

We announced a few weeks ago that our new reverse DNS platform was live and that the second phase of the roll out was the ability for customers to change their own reverse records. All being well, this is due to be rolled out in the next week - we’re just running some further internal testing on the customer interface and cleaning up the code and style slightly.

However, we have already released our new bandwidth graphs. These show a per 5 minute sample of traffic for any switch ports your server(s) is connected to. (If you have multiple ports for dual uplinks or access cards, these are shown as 2 sets of graphs).

To access these graphs, login to your My XILO account, go to packages on the right hand menu, then click on the server, or colocation package that you have and the graphs will appear below any your package details as shown below.

blog image
Bandwidth graphs on server package page.

Once our reverse DNS roll out is complete, it will closely be followed by an additional IP address request system and server reboot facility. We’ll also be working on a system that will notify server customers when they are approaching their bandwidth limit and when it is exceeded.