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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Invoice Extensions due to Playstation Network breach

A number of customers have contacted us regarding their accounts asking for extensions to be able to make payment due a change of credit card.

Recently, a gaming service for Playstation users was breached and it is estimated that details of over 100 million users were stolen. Sony advises that this does not include raw card details as they were encrypted.

We appreciate that some of our customers will want to be cautious and have cancelled their cards and ordered new ones from their card issuer.

If you have an invoice due and require an extension, please raise a ticket on your account for billing and we’ll be happy to offer a 7 day extension.

Testers Required : Email Filtering

We’re looking for about 25 users to try a new email filtering service for us.

There is no charge during the trial and the service is provided as-is for us to gain feedback on the effectiveness of a new product.

To register an interest, you need to be an existing hosting customer - if you’d like to help, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) from your account registered address.

One Ticket, One Question?

For any business, supporting customers in the most effective way is paramount. Email for an online business, is often the primary method of communication for the majority of customers.

We are looking at ways to improve response times for all tickets but also improving the way we deal with tickets.

Currently, tickets are ‘free for all’. They can contain multiple issues or questions relating to very different parts of the services we offer and this can get confusing, especially when we have to refer back to them at a later date.

Once a ticket is closed, we don’t allow further updates via email as we have seen that some tickets are just constantly re-opened for further questions with no relation to the initial reason the ticket was opened. We are now planning to extend this to viewing the ticket online; currently these can be re-open at any point in time but we plan to limit this to 14 days.

The second change that we are reviewing is one question per ticket. This will not only mean that quick questions are answered as such but long and complex tickets are given focussed attention.

Even though this may seem a small change, it is something we have not looked at or tested before so there are likely to be times when customers are requested to raise a new ticket for any other questions.

We’d welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on this change on our community forum.

50Mb speedtest? Not a problem with XILO.

We are proud to host the Maidenhead Speedtest.net testing location which is proving very popular among UK broadband users.

Speedtest.net provides a graphical interface for testing your broadband downstream and upstream speeds which can help indicate speed issues with your line/provider. Many internet service providers in the UK now ask that a speedtest be completed using the site due to the effectiveness and reliability of the results.

We’re happy to read that independent broadband news and information site, ThinkBroadband, has confirmed that our speedtest location is capable of testing the fastest of consumer broadband products. (and we often see tests from Universities peaking at over 300Mbit/s!)

It also confirms that hosting with us, will deliver sites faster than many other providers. Why suffer with slow loading times and waiting around, transfer your sites to us, today.