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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Reduced .me Domain Registrations until October

We are now running a further domain promotion on the .me suffix.

Until 1st October 2010, pricing will be reduced for all new 1 year .me registrations, saving £10 per registration.

.me - £8.99 from £18.99 until Oct 2010

With our other domain offers, it has never been a better time to register your brand or personal domains.

Visit our domain registration checker to secure your new .me domains.

Domain Registration and Transfer Promotions

We’re happy to announce that we have several offers for new domain registrations and transfers from other registrars.

We are reducing transfer fees for four gTLDs listed below and the fee also includes an additional year of registration upon completion.

Additional years are billed at the standard rate at the time of renewal.

.com - £5.99
.net - £5.99
.org - £5.99
.info - £5.99

Also, we have reduced the cost of registrations in two gTLDs for the first year of registration.

.info - £2.99 from £7.99 until Jan 2011
.mobi - £5.99 from £7.99 until Jan 2011

Visit our domain registration checker to secure your domains, or transfer them from another registrar today.

.co Domains come to XILO, £19.99 a year

.co is the newest domain ccTLD to be released for general registration. If you missed the chance to get your ideal .com or .co.uk domain name, .co is a great alternative.

We are now offering registrations to everyone for £19.99 per year, one of the lowest prices in the industry.

register your domain

If you have a portfolio of domains with another registrar, please contact us to discuss bulk registration and transfer discounts.

VAT Rate Changes - 20% (from 17.5%)

Due to the recent announcement by the Chancellor, we will be increasing the rate of VAT that we charge as from 4th January 2011.

Any UK or EU customer that was subject to VAT at 17.5% will notice the new rate change on invoices generated/due on or after 4th January 2011.

Pricing on our site is exclusive of VAT and the appropriate rate of VAT will be applied for the invoice however, where indicated, any pricing that includes VAT is based from the VAT exclusive rate and will also increase.

As with the last change, we mirrored the change on both the increase and decrease of the VAT rate. At present, the Chancellor has not announced if this will decrease, or when.

The majority of customers will not need to take any further action, however, there are a small number of UK and EU customers that have active standing orders that will need to be amended. We will be contacting those customers before January.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us via My XILO.

One Ticket, One Question?

For any business, supporting customers in the most effective way is paramount. Email for an online business, is often the primary method of communication for the majority of customers.

We are looking at ways to improve response times for all tickets but also improving the way we deal with tickets.

Currently, tickets are ‘free for all’. They can contain multiple issues or questions relating to very different parts of the services we offer and this can get confusing, especially when we have to refer back to them at a later date.

Once a ticket is closed, we don’t allow further updates via email as we have seen that some tickets are just constantly re-opened for further questions with no relation to the initial reason the ticket was opened. We are now planning to extend this to viewing the ticket online; currently these can be re-open at any point in time but we plan to limit this to 14 days.

The second change that we are reviewing is one question per ticket. This will not only mean that quick questions are answered as such but long and complex tickets are given focussed attention.

Even though this may seem a small change, it is something we have not looked at or tested before so there are likely to be times when customers are requested to raise a new ticket for any other questions.

We’d welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on this change on our community forum.

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