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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Coming Soon - Service Status Page

So not fill our official blog with status updates and to provide one click access to service issues and planned maintenance, we have developed an easy to use status page.

Part of the page will be automatically fed information from our monitoring systems so you can get near real time updates and check on existing services. It will also be the place to check for any planned maintenance or other work that may affect your service.

Initially there will be RSS feeds allowing immediate updates to your mail, or news reader, including any mobile device that supports the RSS format. Over time, we’ll also be re-introducing email updates so you can receive real time updates.

Here is a quick sneak peak of how it’s going to look. We hope you like it.

blog image

We’d appreciate any comments you may have.

SSH Exploit Rumour - Security Alert

Further details of the exploit can be found below:


Until we can confirm or deny these reports, or verify the claims, we have taken the immediate decision to lock down SSH access to our servers - for security.

This means that SSH access to any of our shared, reseller or premium hosting servers has been blocked at our firewalls.

Self-managed dedicated server, VPS and colocation customers are advised to take immediate steps to firewall their servers to prevent any malicious activity. Managed dedicated customers will be reviewed on a case by case basis by our support teams.

Out of hours contact details for managed/colocation customers.

In the past, to gain support out of hours, our normal telephone contact number could be used, by then selecting option 9.

Unfortunately, despite a detailed and informative message advising that only managed server or colocation customers could be assisted, and that if you had a shared, reseller, vps or self-managed service you would need to raise a ticket via our support centre which is monitored 24/7, we would still often get calls for general support or even sales queries which our on-call engineers did not have access to.

Over the next few days, this option will be removed and all managed server and colocation customers will be sent a new, direct on-call only number. During normal telephone hours it will be directed to our standard IVR system but outside of these times, the calls will immediately be passed to the engineers on call at that particular time.

We’d advise all managed and colocation customers to store this number in any address books, mobile phones or PDAs to ensure that when you need to contact us urgently, you have the correct telephone number.

Changes to our reverse DNS platform.

Currently, our reverse DNS system was operated manually and any needed changes were completed by a systems engineer.

In the first phase of our new reverse platform, we are now able to add records internally in minutes. These are entered into a central database and are written out to the DNS zones every hour.

The system will now check that a reverse record matches a forward A record pointing to the same IP address. If this is the not the case, a reverse entry cannot be added.

The second phase will enable customers to change and alter any reverse records via their control panel at My XILO. The same rules as above will apply.

Any customers that currently have reverse records set but do not resolve to the correct IP, will not be added to the zone. Our standard reverse entry will be used instead and can easily be changed by raising a support centre ticket.