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WARNING: Domain Renewal Group - Scam

The communication from this company implies that your domain name is due for renewal soon (often with the wrong expiry date) and encourages you to renew your domain with them so that it does not expire.

We urge any customers who receive such notifications from ‘Domain Renewal Group’ to simply ignore and/or delete the message. If you have registered your domain through us, you would only ever pay us directly, not an unknown third party.

We will email you 60 days prior to the domain expiry date and the format of the email will be similar to the emails we send for invoices and support tickets. We never send invoices or reminders through the post.

Also, domains are only ever paid and managed via our site at https://my.xilo.net/ and you should not pass your login information to any one, under any circumstances - even our staff.

Google shows that our customers are not the only ones!