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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

August Domain Promotion - .co £10.99

Until 31st December 2011, the pricing of new .co registrations is now £10.99. This is a saving of £9 on the standard new registration cost.

.co domains are a realistic alternative to the already saturated .com suffix. Many names are still available so why not search for your ideal name today?

There is no limit on the number of domains that can be purchased during this offer but all domains will renew at the standard rate. The offer is only valid for 1 year registrations.

Testers Required : Email Filtering

There is no charge during the trial and the service is provided as-is for us to gain feedback on the effectiveness of a new product.

To register an interest, you need to be an existing hosting customer - if you’d like to help, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) from your account registered address.

Status Notification Alert

When there are known service issues or future planned maintenance, you’ll now see a yellow alert window. If there are no issues to report or no planned work, it will not be shown.

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We hope this keeps you better informed when there are service issues and we appreciate any comments or feedback you’d like to give us.

New Secure Certificate (SSL) prices.

Certificates can also be purchased with multi year discounts with many issued for upto 5 years - with over a 70% saving compared to some of our competitors!

15 Minute Issuance
Domain Validated
Starting from £16

BasicSSL Wildcard
15 Minute Issuance
Domain Validated
Wildcard for multiple sub-domains *.domain.com
Starting from £42

15 Minute Issuance
Domain Validated
Site Seal
Starting from £43

DomainSSL Wildcard
15 Minute Issuance
Domain Validated
Site Seal
Wildcard for multiple sub-domains *.domain.com
Starting from £140

Green Address Bar in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
Business and Domain Validated
Site Seal
Starting from £266

Certificate orders are processed within 15 minutes (apart from EV as they require extra verification) and if you’re transferring your certificate from another SSL provider, we’ll include any remaining time, plus 30 days free.

To order, simply go to our secure, online order form.

New cPanel Shared Hosting packages.

Our new shared hosting packages offer even better value for money as well as a discount for paying yearly, in addition to a free domain registration or transfer.

If you are with another hosting company, we’ll gladly migrate your sites free of charge (as long as they are currently using cPanel) so that you can enjoy reliable service and excellent support from our UK-based support team.

The new plans are as follows:

SH-1: 1GB Disk Space, 5GB Bandwidth
SH-2: 2GB Disk Space, 25GB Bandwidth
SH-5: 5GB Disk Space, 50GB Bandwidth
SH-7: 7GB Disk Space, 75GB Bandwidth
SH-10: 10GB Disk Space, 100GB Bandwidth

Our free domain promotion is still valid for all accounts that are paid annually or bi-annually.

We understand that some current customers may want to transfer to the new packages. This should not be a problem, however, some customers maybe on very old packages and as such older servers where such upgrades are not possible. Please contact us if you are an existing customer to discuss your upgrade.

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