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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Status Notification Alert

When there are known service issues or future planned maintenance, you’ll now see a yellow alert window. If there are no issues to report or no planned work, it will not be shown.

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We hope this keeps you better informed when there are service issues and we appreciate any comments or feedback you’d like to give us.

New Service Status Page - Now Live!

You can view the new page at http://status.xilo.net/.

Following our post on 16th September, we have been working on the back-end to allow us to inform and display any service issues or planned maintained when required.

Over time we will be adding email notifications, per service RSS and instant server check. A single RSS feed is currently available which will give instant notification for service issues and planned maintenance.

We hope that you find the new status page useful when diagnosing technical issues that may arise.

Coming Soon - Service Status Page

So not fill our official blog with status updates and to provide one click access to service issues and planned maintenance, we have developed an easy to use status page.

Part of the page will be automatically fed information from our monitoring systems so you can get near real time updates and check on existing services. It will also be the place to check for any planned maintenance or other work that may affect your service.

Initially there will be RSS feeds allowing immediate updates to your mail, or news reader, including any mobile device that supports the RSS format. Over time, we’ll also be re-introducing email updates so you can receive real time updates.

Here is a quick sneak peak of how it’s going to look. We hope you like it.

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We’d appreciate any comments you may have.