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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Changes to our reverse DNS platform.

We are making some technical changes to our reverse DNS platform that may affect some users.

Currently, our reverse DNS system was operated manually and any needed changes were completed by a systems engineer.

In the first phase of our new reverse platform, we are now able to add records internally in minutes. These are entered into a central database and are written out to the DNS zones every hour.

The system will now check that a reverse record matches a forward A record pointing to the same IP address. If this is the not the case, a reverse entry cannot be added.

The second phase will enable customers to change and alter any reverse records via their control panel at My XILO. The same rules as above will apply.

Any customers that currently have reverse records set but do not resolve to the correct IP, will not be added to the zone. Our standard reverse entry will be used instead and can easily be changed by raising a support centre ticket.

VPS Bandwidth Allowances Increased

We’re pleased to announce that the bandwidth allowances for all VPS packages have been increased.

The packages have been increased as follows:

XV1: 15GB to 100GB
XV2: 30GB to 200GB
XV3: 60GB to 300GB
XV4: 240GB to 400GB

This increase is effective immediately and there is no increase in cost for any of our customers.

PHP5/Apache2 Upgrade - EOL4 (End of life)

Further to our announcement in November 2007, we are now planning to cease support for PHP4 effective Monday 14th July 2008.

After this time, any files with a .php* suffix will run under PHP5 only. The majority of customers have already upgraded any scripts to run without any intervention at all and will not notice any service issues with this upgrade.

During the upgrade process, we will also be switching from Apache1 to Apache2. Once again, this will have no effect on any existing service but will show improved page rendering times.

We will start the upgrades on all cPanel servers at 10pm on Monday 14th July 2008 for completion before 6am on Tuesday 15th July 2008.

If you have any questions, please contact support via http://my.xilo.net .

Missing Fantastico

We’re currently reloading all servers with Fantastico.

It appears that the cPanel update last night has removed it.

Please bear with us whilst we complete this work and repair the installations.

Password Security

We’d like to remind all our customers about using secure passwords on their hosting accounts.

This includes FTP, mail box and MySQL (database) accounts. Also, for our resellers, creating accounts for your clients.

We’re seeing more and more clients and resellers using simple passwords similar to the below;

  • 123456
  • test
  • password1
  • testtest
  • 123

This can lead to serious security issues on your account which may lead to the suspension of your account(s) if the password is guessed or brute forced.

We’ll be activating a new feature in cPanel that will only allow the creation of slightly harder password combinations to prevent any accounts being accessed without authorisation.  This is in addition to the brute force detection that we currently have in place which blocks most attacks.

If you feel you are having problems changing your password, please contact support via my.xilo.net.

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