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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Changes to Reseller Nameservers and IPs

We’ll be changing the way some of our older reseller accounts were assigned nameservers and IP addressing.

This will affect any reseller that has private nameservers (such as ns1.mydomain.co.uk etc) or is using any of the following;

  • ns1.alpha.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.bravo.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.charlie.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.delta.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.echo.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.foxtrot.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.kilo.*.net (and ns2)
  • ns1.india.*.net (and ns2)

(* - we have removed the domain to protect our resellers)

Also, any customers that are using the following IP for any of their private nameservers will need to update to the new, permanent value.

  • Old :
  • New:

This should be changed in your zone via WHM as well as at your domain registry. If you are unsure on how to do either of these, please contact support via http://my.xilo.net/ and we’ll take care of it for you.

The old nameservers will cease to work after 1st March 2008 so it is imperative that you change these immediately. Please contact support for the new nameservers for all of your accounts if you do not have private nameservers assigned. (Once again, not posted for the protection of resellers)

If you have any questions, please do contact us.

PHP5 Upgrade - PHP4 EOL (End of life)

As from 31 December 2007, support from PHP.net for version 4 of PHP will cease.

We are now planning on upgrading all servers (excluding H-Sphere) to PHP5 as the default version of PHP.

This means that any scripts with the extension .php5 or .php will automatically load within PHP5.

Most popular scripts that are commonly used today (Wordpress, Gallery/G2, Wiki, Joomla, OSC) have all been updated to work with PHP5 and we would suggest that all clients and resellers ensure that these are up to date as soon as possible.

PHP4 will be loaded into the config as a fall back using the .php4 file extension. However, this will not remain in place permanently and is only provided to allow you further time to debug and correct any scripts that you may have that do not work correctly with PHP5 on the switch over date.

We will conduct these upgrades starting Saturday 8th December 2007 and ending Sunday 9th December 2007. There will be no downtime associated with these upgrades.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please contact support.

SMS Alerts - Change of sender ID

Any customers that currently receive SMS alerts for their hosted services will note that the sender ID of the messages has changed.

The old ID was ‘XILO ALERT’, however, due to compatibility problems with Apple’s iPhone, we have changed this to +443454680005 (our support number).

This will not affect the text messages you receive and by doing this, will enable you to call us directly just by pressing send on any received message.

Perl - Upgrade to 5.8.8

All of our cPanel based servers will be upgraded to Perl 5.8.8 over the next coming days.

This will not affect any usage of perl and is a required upgrade for cPanel.

Removal of X, X2, Xmail, Default and Advanced Themes from cPanel

Due to the release of cPanel 11 - we are aware of a number of issues relating to these themes.

As such, they will be removed from all servers over the next few days to allow the new, improved and powerful x3 theme.

Any packages you have that relate to these old themes will be updated automatically for you.

As with packages - any accounts that current have an older theme set will be updated to x3.

Should you have any questions regarding this - please do contact support.

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