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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

Shared Hosting Package Upgrades

We’re happy to announce that we have upgraded the bandwidth allowance on all Shared Hosting packages.

The increases have been across the board for SH-1 all the way up to SH-10 and a short summary is shown below:

SH-1: 10GB > 100GB
SH-2: 25GB > 200GB
SH-5: 50GB > 300GB
SH-7: 75GB > 400GB
SH-10: 100GB > 500GB

If you are on an older shared hosting package that isn’t listed, you are able to upgrade your account immediately via My XILO by clicking Your Packages and then selecting Upgrade / Downgrade.

There is no additional cost and the monthly package price remains the same as it has always been.

Beat the VAT increase!

As you may be aware, the rate of VAT is due to increase on 4th January to 20%.

If you have an invoice already due for service, paying this prior to the 4th will enable you to make a saving.

For customers that have a monthly or quarterly service, you may be able to make additional savings by paying for the year in full - please contact us to change your billing cycle before 4th January.

It is also possible to renew many domains ahead of time, some for up to 5 years in advance via the “Renew Domains” link in My XILO.

Any invoices paid after 00:00 on 4th January will be billed at the standard rate of VAT at 20%.

New Payment Method - Direct Debit

Due to increasing demand from customers, we are happy to announce that our Direct Debit payment facility will soon be available to all customers.

We have initially asked a few users on our community forum, as well as a number of select customers to join our initial launch of the scheme.

Currently, we are only offering Direct Debit for broadband customers but will expand this in the very near future (we estimate December).

If you are interested in using Direct Debit, please do get in touch via your account.

Status Notification Alert

We’ve implemented a new feature when logging in to your account at My XILO that will show you current status, and upcoming maintenance notifications.

When there are known service issues or future planned maintenance, you’ll now see a yellow alert window. If there are no issues to report or no planned work, it will not be shown.

blog image

We hope this keeps you better informed when there are service issues and we appreciate any comments or feedback you’d like to give us.

.co Domains come to XILO, £19.99 a year

.co is the newest domain ccTLD to be released for general registration. If you missed the chance to get your ideal .com or .co.uk domain name, .co is a great alternative.

We are now offering registrations to everyone for £19.99 per year, one of the lowest prices in the industry.

register your domain

If you have a portfolio of domains with another registrar, please contact us to discuss bulk registration and transfer discounts.

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