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New cPanel/WHM Reseller packages.

We’re pleased to announce that we have launched six new cPanel-based Linux reseller hosting packages.

With our new range of starter and pro packages, you’re able to offer your customers more bandwidth and disk space, as well as being able to save money every month.

If you are with another hosting company, we’ll gladly migrate your sites free of charge (as long as they are currently using cPanel) so that you can enjoy reliable service and excellent support from our UK-based support team.

The new plans are as follows:

RS-5: 5GB Disk Space, 50GB Bandwidth
RS-10: 10GB Disk Space, 100GB Bandwidth
RS-20: 20GB Disk Space, 200GB Bandwidth
RS-30: 30GB Disk Space, 300GB Bandwidth
RS-40: 40GB Disk Space, 400GB Bandwidth
RS-50: 50GB Disk Space, 500GB Bandwidth

Our free domain promotion is still valid for all accounts that are paid annually or bi-annually.

Note: Currently this only applies to our Linux-based accounts. We are reviewing our Windows reseller accounts and will be launching new products soon! :)

We understand that some current customers may want to transfer to the new packages. This should not be a problem, however, some customers maybe on very old packages and as such older servers where such upgrades are not possible. Please contact us if you are an existing customer to discuss your upgrade.