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Blocking certain countries from viewing your website

We’re often asked if there is an easy way to block certain countries from viewing sites hosted on our servers. Whilst it has been possible in the past, it was complex and tricky to implement.

You may want to block individual counties from accessing your site because of a high amount of “comment spam” on your blog, or maybe you have a site that you need to restrict to certain countries due to the content being region specific. This is all possible using a quick .htaccess rule.

Since our switch to the LiteSpeed, this is very easy to implement and we’re going to give a brief guide on how to do this.

We’ve added a sample rule that blocks 6 locations where we see the most comment spam originate from on our own community forums; Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Russia. We’re also going to add a filter for Anonymous Proxies.

You will need to create a .htaccess file and upload this to the directory you want to protect, or if the whole site, create in public_html.

Our sample content looks like this:

RewriteEngine on

GeoIPEnable On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.google.co.uk$1 [L]

If the visitors IP address matches one of the counties listed on the “RewriteCond” line, it will then send them to http://www.google.co.uk as shown on the “RewriteRule” line. As it uses mod_rewrite, you could adapt this to only allow listed countries instead of rejecting them or even show specific content and languages for different regions.

When entering the country, the ISO code should be used. As an example, for United Kingdom you should use GB and not UK. There are also some addition codes to cover special locations as follows:

A1 - Anonymous Proxies
A2 - Satellite Providers
EU - Europe
AP - Asia and Pacific (ASIAPAC)
US - America but also includes overseas military bases regardless of country.

We hope you find this new feature very useful and this is one of many improvements that we are rolling out on all shared, reseller and premium hosting servers over the next few weeks.

August Domain Promotion - .co £10.99

We’re pleased to announce that we have lowered the cost of new .co registrations.

Until 31st December 2011, the pricing of new .co registrations is now £10.99. This is a saving of £9 on the standard new registration cost.

.co domains are a realistic alternative to the already saturated .com suffix. Many names are still available so why not search for your ideal name today?

There is no limit on the number of domains that can be purchased during this offer but all domains will renew at the standard rate. The offer is only valid for 1 year registrations.

Shared Hosting Package Upgrades

We’re happy to announce that we have upgraded the bandwidth allowance on all Shared Hosting packages.

The increases have been across the board for SH-1 all the way up to SH-10 and a short summary is shown below:

SH-1: 10GB > 100GB
SH-2: 25GB > 200GB
SH-5: 50GB > 300GB
SH-7: 75GB > 400GB
SH-10: 100GB > 500GB

If you are on an older shared hosting package that isn’t listed, you are able to upgrade your account immediately via My XILO by clicking Your Packages and then selecting Upgrade / Downgrade.

There is no additional cost and the monthly package price remains the same as it has always been.

Invoice Extensions due to Playstation Network breach

A number of customers have contacted us regarding their accounts asking for extensions to be able to make payment due a change of credit card.

Recently, a gaming service for Playstation users was breached and it is estimated that details of over 100 million users were stolen. Sony advises that this does not include raw card details as they were encrypted.

We appreciate that some of our customers will want to be cautious and have cancelled their cards and ordered new ones from their card issuer.

If you have an invoice due and require an extension, please raise a ticket on your account for billing and we’ll be happy to offer a 7 day extension.

Testers Required : Email Filtering

We’re looking for about 25 users to try a new email filtering service for us.

There is no charge during the trial and the service is provided as-is for us to gain feedback on the effectiveness of a new product.

To register an interest, you need to be an existing hosting customer - if you’d like to help, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) from your account registered address.

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