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Our blog includes company news, recent announcements and upcoming service changes.

[UK Resellers] Fantastico Live!

Fantastico De Luxe has now be installed and activated on all UK based resellers servers.

You are now able to offers your clients easy access to a great number of scripts.

In addition to this, you are also able to offer them easy to use and edit, web templates.

For more information on Fantastico De Luxe, read our reseller hosting page .

[Shared Hosting] Package Upgrades

We are pleased to announce that all of our shared hosting packages have been upgraded.

Some packages will see an increase in disk quota, bandwidth and number of included, hosted, domains.

Existing customers will not need to contact support as accounts will be upgraded automatically over the next 30 days.

[Reseller Hosting] Updated Reseller Packages

We have revamped our Reseller Hosting packages due to our server migration to the UK.

Old customers will not automatically be migrated to these plans as this will involve a server move.



Old customers will not automatically be migrated to these plans as this will involve a server move.

Shared Hosting : Migration, Upgrade and Maintenance News

In an effort to increase the level of service to all our customers, we have planned a number of upgrades to the hosting platform that you are located on in the second week of March 2005.

All servers for our shared hosting customers are currently located in Texas, USA.

We are now planning to migrate all our customers to our UK DataCenter (RedBus II, London) which has excellent connectivity and peering agreements with some of the leading ISPs in the country such as Nildram, Zen, PlusNet and Demon as well as direct peering with backbone providers such as Telecomplete, KPN and Level3.

With this migration come some further improvements relating to our hosting services;

Improved RAID1 implementation
Improved server specifications
Better network performance and response
Add-on service charges such as static IP reducing
Better value hosting plans

We fully understand that you may be worried about site downtime or loss of data during the migration and I would like to take the time to explain the migration in full.

The migration will be conducted in several parts. First, the hosting servers will be migrated, which contain the content of the websites and MySQL databases. The mail platform will be migrated shortly after.

All data will be securely copied from Texas to London and will be sent to our servers over a 128bit encrypted VPN session.

We would ask all customers that are NOT using our DNS servers (NS1.XILO.NET, NS2.XILO.NET or NS3.XILO.NET) to contact us for the new IP address(es) for your account.

After the content migration is complete, the old server will redirect all traffic to the new server for several weeks – giving all customers the chance to change their IP settings if needed. (We will also check each domain hosted on our DNS and contact any customers that are not using them).

We envisage the downtime for your hosted sites will be no longer than one (1) hour and will be conducted out of business hours. Your email services will not be affected during this time.

More information regarding our mail platform migration will follow nearer the time.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and would like to express how excited we are at the upgrades and service improvements we have planned.

Thank you for your time and your continued business.

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